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SUCCESSFUL HIRING:    The Fine Art of Recruiting and Interviewing... Nothing is more important that finding, building and retaining a top-notch staff.  However, most managers never receive any formal training on how to find candidates, conduct effective interviews or evaluate fit.  "Successful Hiring" will help Managers better understand their needs and how to get the information they need to make great hiring decisions.  

DYNAMIC WHOLESALING:     Three Keys to Better Wholesaling... Using our extensive experience in the selection and evaluation for hundreds of Wholesalers, we've developed a highly focused program that concentrates on the areas where Wholesalers can gain critical insights into themselves and their jobs.  The very term "Dynamic" refers to the study of forces and their effects on bodies.  In Dynamic Wholesaling, Wholesalers are "the force" and brokers/agents are the "bodies".

SMART PROGRAM:    Sales Management and Results Training... Uncertain markets.  Intense competition.  Pressure to reach aggressive sales targets.  This is the challenging environment managers face every day.  But perhaps the most difficult challenge is to motivate and lead a group of sales professionals.  With far-reaching responsibilities - from recruiting to time-consuming administrative burdens, managers have less and less time to focus on managing.  In addition with numerous organizations promoting from within, many new managers are literally "thrown to the lions" without any real training on how to manage. 

Targeted to the new, first time, inexperienced or any sales manager needing to refocus and improve their skills, SMART will get sales managers to THINK!  They will become more aware of the behaviors they must have to excel as an manager and leader.

For more information on any of these programs contact Paul Werlin at or 727-898-0212.



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