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Releases Survey Results from

Bank Investment Program Sales Managers




St. Petersburg, Florida- February 1, 2006- Human Capital Resources, Inc., a national firm specializing in recruiting, candidate evaluations, and a wide range of sales and marketing services for financial services firms has released the results of a survey distributed to bank investment program Sales Managers. “Within the bank investment program marketplace, the role of the sales manager- the person directly responsible for the production and productivity of investment representatives in the field- is critical”, stated Paul A. Werlin, President, Human Capital Resources, Inc. “In fact, the sales manager’s responsibilities go far beyond just managing the sales activities of these employees, but now include training, compliance oversight, recruiting, and many other important functions.” Werlin continued, “With the cooperation of national sales managers and program directors, we distributed a focused survey to get a solid understanding of how these people actually spend their time, how they believed they should be spending their time, and how well they believe they’re trained to execute their responsibilities.”

The Survey, distributed to banks across the country, was completed by 50 sales mangers with combined management responsibilities for more than 1000 dedicated brokers, 3000 part-time (platform) representatives, and 200 administrative personnel. “One of the key finding of the Survey”, Werlin said, “is that we found that overall, sales managers really do like their jobs, and it’s the challenge of the position that makes them happiest. Sales managers do feel that overall their bank doesn’t do a very good job training them to do their jobs. Only in the area of “compliance” do they feel their bank does a good job. They also feel that their immediate supervisor is lacking. Specifically, 52% said that their manager spends no time or should spend more time helping them grow professionally.”

The 5 page Survey Summary Report is provided at no cost and is available at Human Capital Resources website,


Contact Paul A. Werlin, President for details on the Survey and other information.

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